ABOUT. lifestyle for men

How it all began

Great ideas start with big dreams. In ABOUT.’s case in the mind of fashion entrepreneur Randy Hoogeweegen (1989). After he studied fashion management at Dutch TMO Fashion Business School the first scratches were made on paper. At the young age of 25 he took a long shot to bring his dream to everyday reality. After a successful crowd funding campaign, he collected all of the necessary building blocks to launch ABOUT. lifestyle for men in 2015.

ABOUT. is located on the fashion banks of the famous Haarlemmerdijk in the throbbing city center of Amsterdam. Over 120 investors helped to create the ultimate men’s store: a combination of fashion, art, lifestyle and drinks. To sum it up: all the men’s mind is about. Well, you know, most of it...

About ABOUT.

What sets ABOUT. apart is the natural ease the shop – and so does Randy – radiates. You can take a look around new collection, without feeling urged to leave your money. Shopping at ABOUT. is like dropping by at a friend’s house. Randy slides you in a brand new outfit if you wish, but you can feel free to grab a coffee and just have a chat. This ‘all is cool, bro’ shopping experience makes ABOUT. the store men crave for.

The complete fashion pack
And it’s gents only, guys. And you know what that means? No more strolling along endless shopping streets, but just one store with all the goods you need. Like the carefully selected items of Samsoe Samsoe, Won Hundred, The Good People, Dstrezzed, NEUW denim, Kings of Indigo, Filippa K, Stutterheim, The Last Conspiracy and many more. ABOUT. also brings a smart collection of accessories to the plate to finish of your style. Sneakers, watches, sunglasses, belts, caps, bags...  
Your new sophisticated garments in one hand. A cold beer in the other. Add to this already mouth watering pack some of the freshest tunes in town and your one shop stop combines all the cosmopolitan gent needs.


The ABOUT. webshop

We know how we guys roll. We prefer to spend an extra hour in bed with the misses instead of heading for a fashion store to collect some fresh garments. So, please enjoy that moment of intimate quality. Our webshop got you covered to order that brand new outfit right on time.

Online ease with offline service
With the webshop ABOUT. brings the analog service of the store to your couch. Navigate through the collection, select your favorite pieces and enjoy the rest of your day. Of course you miss the coffee and funny jokes Randy pulls in the store... But ABOUT. understands you do not always have the time to drop by at the Haarlemmerdijk.

“to all the gents in the place, with style and grace” - notorious B

See you at ABOUT. online or offline.